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walden: the ballad of thoreau

This documentary and play is Folksinger Michael Johnathon’s creative masterpiece. It has been embraced as a worldwide educational, literary and environmental event. The film is now headed to film festivals nationwide. -Loretta

The theatrical play: Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau is coming to Public Television, Public Radio, and movie theaters across the nation for Earth Day. Over 7,200 colleges, schools and community theaters in over 35 different countries have performed the Walden Play since it was written 24 months ago.

The play, written by folksinger Michael Johnathon, is set during the final two days Henry David Thoreau spent at his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The production explores the roles we play in the protection of the earth, while challenging the audience to live more simply, and preserve the natural environments of their home communities.

Underwriting for the high-definition production was provided by E.ON-U.S. with educational support from Earth Day Network and from American Forests in Washington DC.

Aside from broadcasting on Public TV, Public Radio, and in Movie Theaters as an Earth Day (April 22) special event it will also be streamed online via Earth Day TV ( with lesson plans into thousands of schools across North America. The high-definition production will also be released as a two-disc DVD Walden Gift Set. For every one the public buys, another copy is sent free to a school or library.

Walden cast photo by Ruth Adams. Pictured: Adam Luckey, Katherine Manning, Sean Miller, Doug Smart, Eric Johnson, Anthony Haigh, Beth Kirchner, Gretchen Shoot, Jessie Rose Pennington, Michael Johnathon, and Jenna McGuire.

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