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Sangamon Songs-Tom Irwin

On Sangamon Songs, singer-songwriter and folk musician Tom Irwin sets to music entries from an 1893 diary written by Harry Glen Ludlam, a teenager who lived on the Irwin farm in Sangamon County just outside Springfield, Illinois, from 1880 to 1894. Sangamon Songs marks Irwin’s ninth album of original material and the second recorded with producer Gary Gordon of Inside Out Studio in Sparta, Illinois.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Loretta\My Documents\My Pictures\DH COVER.jpegHello Mr. Death & Other Love Songs-David Hawkins

Hello Mr. Death & Other Love Songs, David Hawkins' new release, is a pared down, mostly acoustic project, with the same attention to musicianship as in Driven to the Strings, Hawkins’ first release.  Also produced by Derrick “Suede” Stout and recorded at Darwin.   Hello Mr. Death contains eleven songs that are built around an acoustic guitar and voice, with mandolin, upright bass, banjo, and a few drum and electric guitar tracks to give a cross-genre music appeal.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Loretta\My Documents\My Pictures\front_cover_for_Loretta.jpgTakin’ Our Time – Jeff Davidsmeyer

Takin’ Our Time is the new release by Illinois songwriter Jeff Davidsmeyer. This marks Davidsmeyer’s third recorded project, the first with producer Gary Gordon of Inside Out Studios in Sparta, IL. Takin’ Our Time is a collection of 13 original songs, blending instrumentally and melodically with depth and thought. The sounds transcend folk and bluegrass genres.

Description: My Pictures\magic_days_cover.jpgMagic Days – Birdy  

Birdy is a Chicago-based acoustic group featuring outstanding vocals and harmony, creative musical arrangements, impressive covers and fine originals...Their new CD Magic Days covers all of this and more. A typical Birdy concert includes originals, covers of favorite singer/songwriters both near and far, traditional folk tunes with a twist, songs of love (lost, acquired or desired), and a few other styles thrown in for good measure.

Description: My Pictures\ldows.jpgThe Last Day of Winter – Chris Vallillo  

For years Chris Vallillo collected and restored old stringed instruments, some high quality, most quite inexpensive, but each with its own unique voice. With The Last Day of Winter, Chris used this collection of voices to create a unique recording of original and Americana roots music on slide guitar. Seventeen different vintage instruments are featured on the recording.


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