Mark Dvorak…. New Release on Waterbug Records

(Chicago, IL) The time has come… for a new album by folk singer and songwriter Mark Dvorak. Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me will be released February 2011 on Waterbug Records.

“This is my third release with Waterbug” states Mark Dvorak “Being associated with a recognized and well established label, as Waterbug, will give this project an opportunity to be heard by those who have their ears towards this kind of music.”

For this new project, Dvorak incorporated the studio mastership of Producer John Abbey and recorded at John Abbey's Kingsize Recording in Chicago.

“I worked with John Abbey on an Old Town School project and he was impressive as an engineer and producer,” says Dvorak. “February 2010 I sent him two discs of live performances and demo material. He listened to them. He said we wouldn’t go into the studio till he “got inside” the material and I respected that. We started recording in May 2010. As we worked through the list of songs, a certain priority seemed to make itself known, the theme of “Time” became more obvious.”

“We strived to have the recording sessions sound as live as possible,” explains producer John Abbey. “All of the vocals and guitars were recorded together to achieve this.”

An all-star cast of musicians was invited join Dvorak in the studio sessions. Contributions are made by; Michael Smith, Ellen Shepard, Christopher Walz, Frank Rosaly, Colby Maddox, Sue Demel, Deb Lader, Don Stiernberg, John Williams, Brian Wilkie and John Abbey.

“John brought everyone together,” comments Dvorak “He selected them on their ability to contribute to the specific needs of the project.”

“I'm very proud to have played on a couple of these songs, and grateful for the opportunity. I’m sure the other accompanists feel the same way,” comments Don Stiernberg. “ Hearing a spirited performance of a great song reminded me of why I wanted to play music in the first place. Thanks Mark, and also John Abbey, for capturing more than most recordings do.”

“This is different from Mark’s previous traditional album,” says John Abbey referring to the styles of music that are visited on the release.

The recording begins with “Middle Years” an up-tempo song about getting older. The listener is then sent on a music path of surprising sounds. Album highlights include a unique duet with Michael Smith and Mark Dvorak on “God Bless The Open Road and You”, a hint of bluegrass music is apparent on “Bluebells of Kentucky” and “My D-18”. A visit to the southwest/Santa Fe sound is visible on “Promise of the Promise Land” Dvorak’s respect for the blues is paid homage with “Livin’ with the Blues” . “Ruben” is the banjo tune, “Two Little Boys” receives the traditional nod, “I Hate to See the Summer Go” a Dvorak original could very well be a classic contemporary song of an era gone by. The CD ends with the very beautiful “We Become” reminding us that we are always in a state of becoming.

“Mark eases his way through the various styles,” comments John Abbey.

All songs transform well into the solo live performances that Mark Dvorak is known for with guitar and banjo.

Following in the footsteps of the folk music forefathers, Dvorak’s original songs, twelve on the new release, resonate with truth and substance. His words linger…leaving you with a thought, a feeling, a remembrance. His artistic phrasing of words is combined with intricate compositions on guitar and he certainly knows how to make a banjo ring. Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me is a declaration of this and more… the album takes the listener on a musical journey of life, love and time.

"Mark Dvorak's latest recording is a significant development that employs songs with constant humanistic messages, those messages that come from the heart and reflect the honest emotion of real people. Mark has always performed with sincerity and conviction. Because this is Mark Dvorak's style over the years, time ain't got nothin' on him, " comments Frank Hamilton, Co-founder of The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

With the release of Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me, Mark Dvorak is sharing a musical reflection on the passing of time… looking back while still keeping an eye focused on the new.

“I am older now,” says Mark Dvorak “I’ve spent almost thirty years traveling and coaxing sounds out of the guitar and banjo. It seemed time to get this down in a meaningful way. I’m hoping this CD will last a long time and open up something new that’s been waiting.”

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