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Brian Connors Manke creates his highly original canvases with crayons and a blowtorch. He is also a writer and the drummer for the Rainjunkies. "Whether he's in the music studio or the art studio, Brian Connors Manke has a style that is creative, expressive, innovative and fun!" -Loretta

Bubbling Under 2

Artist’s Statement

Did you ever have a box of crayons sit in the sun a little too long – or melt from the intense heat inside a car in the summer? The transformation from their normal shape into some mangled, twisted, intriguing, strange hybrid – I was always drawn to that.

I love crayons, and they are always my preferred medium. Crayons are too often associated as an artistic medium for children – something that we should outgrow and eventually move past. Being one of the mediums that we originally learn to create with, I think that crayons have the ability to unlock a special artistic freedom when we grow older.

Awhile back I was walking past the canvases in a craft store and an idea tried to flicker in my head – I should buy a canvas and do “something” with crayon on it. I didn’t know how or what – just that it seemed liked an idea to pursue.

I am continually discovering new ways to manipulate the crayons and the multitude of ways they react – each new piece I’m learning or trying something new or different, and I am always anxious to find out where crayons may take me next.

Brian Connors Manke

welcome message

Welcome to the new website for Loretta Sawyer Promotions and to my blog “The Lo Down.” Here I will share with you my adventures as I travel down the road of music and life.

Visit often for my updates, check out the great bands listed here, and watch for my pictures.


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